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 Comprehensive services from strategy initiation to execution, for lasting, transformative impact.

Our team of consultants is dedicated to crafting, refining, executing, and evaluating strategies aimed at reducing healthcare access barriers worldwide, especially in low- and middle-income countries.



 1. Needs Assessment and Analysis

2. Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

3. Geographic Prioritization Strategy

4. Peer Benchmarking and Best Practices Research

5. Comprehensive Landscape Analysis

6. Defining Policy Priorities

7. Facilitating Executive Alignment

8. Building Internal Stakeholder Awareness and Support



 1. Developing Evidence-Based Interventions

2. Setting Clear Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes

3. Identifying Strategic Partners

4. Building Coalitions and Engaging Stakeholders

5. Crafting Policy Briefs and Recommendations

6. Managing Secretariats and Communities of Practice

7. Creating Health Education and Promotion Resources

8. Establishing Thought Leadership



 1. Establishing Ground-Level Programs (Country/State/City)

2. Providing Technical Assistance to Partners and Grantees

3. Launching, Learning, and Scaling Innovative Solutions

4. Performance Management and Metrics Tracking

5. Organizing Policy Roundtables and Workshops

6. Maintaining Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement

7. Effectively Communicating Results and Progress

8. Conducting Pilot Programs



 1. Utilizing Data for Informed Decision-Making

2. Establishing Logical Models and Theories of Change

3. Developing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Frameworks

4. Creating Data Dashboards for Performance Tracking

5. Measuring and Assessing the Most Relevant Metrics

6. Streamlining Data Collection Processes for Efficiency

As your Global Resource Exchange Platform, GIPHI can…

Drive Progressive Growth: Innovatively Identify and Reach Underserved Patient Populations for Access to Better Healthcare.

Establish and Strengthen Your Company’s Role as a Leading Force in Addressing Critical Global Health and Equity Challenges, Going Beyond Cost Barriers.

Craft Tailored Solutions and Foster Collaborations Between Your Organization, Government Decision-Makers, Foundations, NGOs, and Local Communities, Ensuring Swift and Sustainable Impact.

Demonstrate that Effectively Bridging the Gap Between Business Growth and Unmet Public Health Needs Provides a Competitive Edge

Experience a Seamless End-to-End Collaboration with Our Expert Consultant Team, Covering Strategic Analysis, Solution Development, In-Market Implementation, and Impact Assessment

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